Nytsch-Geusen Christoph, Nouidui Thierry, Haupt Wolfram
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 2005, Montreal, Canada, 8 p

A new hygrothermal building model is being developed within the research project GENSIM by the Fraunhofer institutes FIRST and IBP. The model implementation takes place by using the objectoriented modeling language Modelica. As a starting point for the development of the new building model, the researchers used the physical models of the simulation tools WUFI (hygrothermal wall simulation) and SMILE (thermal building simulation). The first results of this research are Modelica-implementations of a thermal and a hygrothermal wall model and its comparision with the well validated program WUFI. The present research implements further Modelica models for air volume, windows, zones, inhabitants and the building environment in order to get a model library for simulating whole buildings. The coupled hygrothermal physical effects in the building envelope are also considered. The hygrothermal building model will be validated by test-rooms at Fraunhofer IBP.