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Heat pumps in compact ventilation appliances for solar passive houses - Part 1 - Kompressionswärmepumpen inLüftungs-Kompaktgeräten für Solar-Passivhäuser - Teil 1

Bühring A., Voss K., Schmitz G., 2003
exhaust air | heat pump | heat recovery | model | passive solar house
Bibliographic info: HLH 2/2003, pp 43-50, 4 Fig., 17 Ref., in German
Languages: English

Compact ventilation appliances appeared on the market for solar passive houses. They include a heat pump to transfer heat from ventilation exhaust air to fresh air and/or domestic hot water. This article describes such systems and gives information about a model for simulating the operation and performance of such appliances which was developped to be used in the TRNSYS software environment.

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