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A healthy mixture.

Anon, 2001
health building | building design
Bibliographic info: HAC Heating and Air Conditioning, July 2001, pp 16-17.
Languages: English

Describes a new hospital whose wards will all be naturally ventilated. It is a highly serviced facility, with services accounting for 44% of the total construction cost of the building, but naturally ventilated wherever possible. The hospital is designed as a deep plan building of 38,000 sqm and is on three floors. To maximise natural ventilation, as many rooms as possible were placed on the perimeter of the building and this includes all of the wards. Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning serves areas that are either not suitable for, or not able to benefit from, the natural ventilation. The air conditioning is an all air system with a constant volume supply, and heat recovery is via run-around coils.

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