Sterling E.M. Sterling J.D.
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Building Energy Management 30 May-3 June 1983 Iowa USA 10pp. 13 tabs. 7 refs. #DATE 30:05:1983 in English

Undertakes experimental studies to identify antecedent conditions of various health and comfort problems experienced by office workers in sealed, air conditioned buildings in New York City and Vancouver. Tries to relate building characteristics (paricularly of lighting and ventilation) to prevalence andincidence of reported health and comfort problems. Finds that changing both lighting and ventilation simultaneously results in a 31.2% reduction in reported eye irritation. Suggests a potential interaction between ultra violet emitting fluorescent lamps and indoor pollutants with the possible generation of photochemical smog. With increased fresh air supply and removal of UV lamps this is reduced.