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Fungal colonization of fiberglass insulation in the air distribution system of a multi-storey office building: VOC production and possible relationship to a sick building syndrome.

Ahearn D G, Crow S A, Simmons R B, Price D L, Noble J A, Mishra S K, Pierson D L, 1996
air conditioning | office building | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Journal of Industrial Microbiology, Vol 16, 1996, pp 280-285, 3 figs, 4 tabs, 17 refs.
Languages: English

Mycological investigations were performed on a modern multistorey office building in the southeastern coastal US. Extensive colonization was found in the air handling units and fibreglass duct liner of the HVAC system. Concentrations in air samples were low however. Removal of colonized insulation material reduced indoor air quality complaints.

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