Simmons R B, Crow S A
Bibliographic info:
Journal of Industrial Microbiology, Vol 14, 1995, pp 41-45, 3 figs, 2 tabs, 13 refs.

Describes how new and used cellulosic air filters for HVAC systems including those treated with antimicrobials were suspended in vessels with a range of relative humidities, and containing non-sterile potting soil to stimulate fungal growth. Prior to suspension in the chambers most filters yielded fungi, but only two of 14 non-treated filters demonstrated fungal colonization following use in HVAC systems. Antimicrobial-treated filters, in particular a phosphated amine complex showed a lot less fungal colonization than nontreated filters. States that when compared to non-treated cellulosic filters, fungal colonization of antimicrobial-treated cellulosic filters was selective and delayed.