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Frost damage of roof tiles in relatively warm area in Japan - condensation on external surface

Chiemi Iba, Shuichi Hokoi, 2007
Frost damage | Roof Tile | condensation | Nocturnal radiation | Surface finishing
Bibliographic info: Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China
Languages: English

Even in relatively warm area in Japan, frost damage of roof tiles occurs. In this study, the influences of several factors on frost damage are considered from a thermal environmental point of view. Condensation on the external surfaces of roof tiles, which is caused by a temperature drop due to nocturnal radiation, is estimated as one of the most important factors to the frost damage. The frequency of condensation was calculated by a numerical analysis. The influence of the parameters, such as the inclination angle and the orientation of the roof, is investigated. It is clarified that a surface condensation on the roof tiles occurs very frequently even in a warm area of Japan, regardless of the orientation of the roof.

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