P. M. Bluyssen, M. G.L.C. Loomans
Bibliographic info:
Healthy Buildings 2003 - Proceedings 7th International Conference (7th-11th December 2003) - National University of Singapore - Vol. 3, pp 17-22, 1 Fig., 1 Tab., 5 Ref.

A framework for performance criteria for healthy and energy-efficient buildings was developed within the context of two European funded Projects: PeBBu and HOPE.PeBBu, Performance-Based Building, is a Thematic network under the Competitive and Sustainable Growth programme, which started 1 September 2001 and will run for 4 years. The 3-year project HOPE (Health Optimization Protocol for Energy-efficient buildings) started in January 2002, with 14 participants from nine European countries.Structuring of the performance criteria and of all the available information with respect to the performance approach is an important task in order to avoid conflicting criteria and evaluation procedures. Therefore, a framework has been developed that allows for a logical structuring of the information. This framework is applied in both projects. The paper will discuss the development of the framework and explain its use for the performance-based building approach. An example will be given.