Lei Yang, Jinghua Wei, Gao Wu
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

Energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is generally installed in an air-conditioning system to recycle the cooling load of exhaust air. However, air conditioning systems with the single ERV can not meet with outdoor air load and indoor cooling load in summer, which will cause fluctuation of indoor temperature. The goal of this study is to analyze such a fuctuating scenario of the indoor temperature. CFD and subjective evaluation are used in this study. The resuls of CFD confirm the improvement of the air-conditioning system before and after adding direct-expansion blast heater with heat pump in the primary air system and designing reasonable fresh air distribution. A computer room is chosen as the experimental case. The results demonstrate that the initial fluctuation of indoor air temperature has been reduced effectively before and after its rebuilding. New primary air system with ERV and direct-expansion blast heater with heat pump can improve indoor air quality and stabilize indoor temperature.