Hamada Y, Nakamura M, Ochifuji K, Nagano K, Yokoyama S
Bibliographic info:
Energy and Buildings, No 33, 2001, pp 805-814, 10 figs, 5 tabs, 24 refs.

The residential building described is an experimental low energy home, using a hybrid system with natural energy resources and unused energy. Describes its construction and evaluation. Added features include superinsulation and good airtightness, with a calculated heat loss coefficient of 0.97 W/m2K. Passive systems include direct solar heat gain and exhaust stack ventilation. Renewable energy systems include PV modules, wind power and domestic hot water, and a ground source heat pump for both heating and cooling. There is a floor cooling system for summer cooling. The study revealed that the experimental home used 12.5% of the energy of a typical Hokkaido, Japan home over the test period.