Limam K, Inard C, Allard F
Bibliographic info:
AIVC "Ventilation et Renouvellement d'Air dans les Batiments", AIVC/AFME Workshop held 18-22 March, 1991, Lyon, France, 10pp, 12 figs, 7 refs.

Large openings such as doorways or windows are privileged places through which a large amount of air, heat and pollutant species flows.  In order to predict air flow rates through these systems, a physical model which can be integrated to multizone air flow models is proposed. This model is based on the empiric determination  of discharge  coefficients. The discharge coefficients  may have different definition depending on the hypothesis of the selected model. In order to answer that indetermination we first present the experimental facility built in a thermally controlled  environment  set up in CETillL,  to discuss  afterwards  the first results obtained.