Fleury B, Gadilhe A
Bibliographic info:
10th AIVC Conference "Progress and trends in air infiltration and ventilation research" Espoo, Finland, 25-28 September 1989

This paper describes a set of experiments conducted in a three bedroom house in order to identify the leakage distribution of the building and the air flow rate through the on-purpose designed opening of the interior doors. Starting from the depressurization test in every zone, we were unable to track all the flow equation of every specific identified connection. We therefore propose to characterize the leakage between two zones by a unique general connection. Its flow behavior (K,n) is determined by an optmization under constraints of the results of the various tests. In the second phase, we study the aeraulic behavior of a slot, usually included in French doors and then we replace the existing interior doors by tight doors with a calibrated duct having a similar areaulic behavior f(Q,dP)=0. In the absence of wind and temperature difference, we measure the air flow rate through the interior doors for differents mechanical extraction rates and compare them to the results of a pressure model simulation.