Hea-Jeong Kim, Yun-Gyu Lee, Kyoo-Dong Song
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31st AIVC Conference " Low Energy and Sustainable Ventilation Technologies for Green Buildings", Seoul, Korea, 26-28 October 2010

The climate of South Korea is that of high temperatures and high humidity in the summer season and low temperatures and low humidity in the winter. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are used to create a cool indoor environment, and the demand for building materials with moisture adsorption/desorption functions is increasing. To investigate the performance of moisture adsorption/desorption new mineral fiber boards, a chamber test and mock-up test were performed and compared to mineral fiber boards. As a result of the chamber test and mock-up test, the new mineral fiber board showed the effect of maintaining indoor humidity regularly through humidity adsorption/desorption by the chamber test and mock-up test.