Habara, H.; Miura, H.; Sawachi, T.; Nishizawa, S.; Hosoi, A.
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29th AIVC Conference " Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues", Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008

Recently, natural ventilation, which istraditional cooling method in Japan, hasbecome considered as the key method forcooling energy conservation. We have carriedout experiments to measure indoor thermalenvironment and cooling electric energyconsumption in experimental RC constructionapartment house by simulating occupants'life-style including thermal control with natural ventilation and air conditioner. And based on the experimental results, we estimated coolingelectric power consumption from July to September. The results suggest that cross ventilation could reduce cooling electric power consumption of the experimental dwelling by 56% while sin-g le-sided ventilation could reduce it by 41%.