Takacs L, Zold A
Bibliographic info:
Japan, PLEA 1997 Kushiro Secretariat, proceedings of a conference held 8-10 January 1997, Kushiro, Japan, Volume 1, pp 75-80

Pilot houses with solar air heating systems were and are being erected in Hungary by the ''THERMO Ltd." Company. This project had two goals: to adapt the OM concept as a whole, including the thermal properties of the building itself, and to check the performance of the elements of the OM system applied on houses, built according to the local standards and practice. The experiences of a building, built according to the local standards and practice are briefly presented in the paper. lt has been proven that the OM roof collectors, handling box, heat exchanger of domestic hot water and intensified summer ventilation perform well under Hungarian climatic conditions, habitants are satisfied with thermal comfort and energy bill. On the other hand, it was show11 that thermal insulation of building and quality of craftsmanship should be improved, thermal mass and collector area better hamonised.