Fehrm M, Reiners W, Ungemach M
Bibliographic info:
International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol 25, 2002, pp 439-449, 12 figs, 2 tabs, 8 refs

The market evolution of domestic exhaust air heat pumps since 1979 in Sweden is described. Some information is also given about the German market. Technologies of different exhaust air heat pumps systems are shown and results of several monitoring projects in Sweden are summarized : they show for houses built in the 1980's an electricity consumption of 90 to 130 kWh/m2/year (including domestic hot water and household electricity), depending on the thermal characteristics of the building envelope. The energy savings thanks to the exhaust air heat pump are about 30%.
Results of a 3 years field survey in low energy houses equipped with an exhaust air heat pump and an integrated gas wall-mounted water heater are also given.