Angelotti, A.; Caputo, P.
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28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference " Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century", Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007

Energy saving and emissions reduction are both affectedby the energy efficiency of the built environment and the matching between the quality of the energy carrierand the quality of the required energy. To take into account qualitative aspects of energy leads to the introductionof the exergy concept. Heating and cooling of buildings require low valued energy, especially if low temperature heating systems and high temperature coolingsystems are used. Nevertheless space conditioning is usually provided through high exergy sources.This study is related to the IEA ECBCS Annex 49 Low Exergy Systems for High Performance Buildings and Communities, in the framework of which a research for comparing different technologies for heating and cooling, from both the energy and the exergy perspectivehas been started, assuming steady state conditions. After that, dynamic simulations have been carried out in order to evaluate the effects of climatic conditions, systems behaviour and envelopes thermal response on exergy performance.