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Evaluation of thermal performances of residential ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Bernard A M, Lemaire M C, Spennato B, Barles P, 1998
thermal performance | heat recovery
Bibliographic info: 19th AIVC Conference "Ventilation Technologies in Urban Areas", Oslo, Norway, 28-30 September 1998
Languages: English

Ventilation systems with heat recovery offer several advantages such as, of course, energy savings but also the possibility to add acoustic and filtration treatment. This study was to evaluate the thermal performances of such systems for residential ventilation in France. These units usually combine exhaust and supply fans, filters and a heat recovery exchanger. To test them, a special draft is being written by the CEN experts of TC 156/WG/AH7. The study included the test of several units according to this project to evaluate their performances: temperature ratios, airflow/pressure curves, electric power, internal and casing leakages... The influence of humidity, condensation, frost and several full duct-systems simulating a standard house equipment have also been tested.

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