Silva, A.C.; Matos, E.M.V.; Cabral, N.R.A.J.; Nolasco, G.C.; Albores, J.L.J.
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28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference " Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century", Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007

The objective of this work is to compare the thermal behaviorof two systems of beam ceilings used in the Collegeof Architecture of the Independent University of Chiapas - Mexico. The beam ceiling base (show room) is of reinforced concrete with 10 (ten) centimeters of thickness that will be reference for comparative degree how much to the internal temperature of air in relation the construction covered with developed technology of in the College of Architecture of the UNACH that has water blade of 15 (fifteen) centimeters of thickness. As methodology one used sensory for thermal measurements(to datalogger HOBO) for the collection of data of temperature and humidity of air, the identification of a representative period, the elaboration of the graphs and its evaluation. As period of analysis, one stipulated the month of September and the day of heat bigger (day 19 of September). Through the evaluation of the gotten data one identify to difference of 3 degrees between superficialtemperature of the concrete beam covered with water blade. This variation allows to say that the technologyof cover with water blade can mean an alternativethat if does not adjust for places with predominant hot climate, as the case of Tuxtla Gutirrez - Mexico, with maximum temperatures of up to 42 degrees.