Lim B V, Tsou J-Y, Kan J, Man Kit Leung, Chow B K M
Bibliographic info:
Architecture, City, Environment: Proceedings of PLEA 2000, James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd, London, UK, 2000, ISBN 1 902916 16 6, proceedings of the Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference, held Cambridge, UK, July 2000, pp 32-37.

This paper outlines an environmental design research program on an urban high-rise church complex in Hong Kong. The main focus is on the methodology and process of the integrated design effort of the research team and the project architect during the schematic design and the on-going design development stage. Environmental design concepts and subsequent simulation/evaluation study on the daylighting and ventilation of the main church assembly hall and the progression route are documented. The "High-rise/high density" urban context and the hot-humid/subtropical climate of Hong Kong pose particular challenge to the team in this research program.