W. Sebastian
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3rd European Blower Door Symposium, 30-31 May 2008, Kassel, Germany

Implementing the EU-directive 2002/91/EF in Danish legislation led to regulations in the Danish Building Regulations on air tightness in buildings set out by the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, a department of the Danish Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs. From 2006 air leakage through the building envelope exceeding 1.5 l/s pr. m heated floor area at 50 Pa was not permitted in new buildings. In addition Local Authorities have obtained legal rights to withdraw the Planning Permission if the building exceeds the limited value. The legislation on air tightness in buildings conceived a series of national activities including: - National initiative to establish a platform and society for measurement of envelope leakage - Danish Building Research Institute released a new Technical Guidance 214 which deals specifically with envelope air tightness in new buildings - Danish Standard launched Certification of measurement with Blower doors and infra-red cameras - In connection with the Certification of measurement educational and informational activities were launched Legislation and initiatives forced architects, engineers, planners as well as builders and building authorities to focus on better practices for air tightness in buildings, but there is still a lot to learn! This paper provides an overall status on how air tightness is dealt with in new Danish buildings and which problems occur and how we have dealt with them.