Lyberg M.D.
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Proceedings of CIB W67 3rd International Symposium `Energy Conservation in the Built Environment' March 30-April 1 1982 vol.VI p.A54-A65

States that the reduction in energy losses due to reduced air infiltration is often overestimated because the effect of open windows is not taken into account.< Shows that the habits of airing are rather similar in some European countries. The proportion of windows open or ajar is inversely proportional to the indoor- outdoor air temeperature difference over a large interval of this temperature difference.< The proportionality constant seems to take a value that is independent of the building construction or the heating system of the residential building. Estimates the effect on energy consumption caused by the habit of airing. Calculates the magnitude of this effect for buildings having different air leakage areas and different air pressures across the building by use of asimple model.