Theo Reuter
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13th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 2-3 June 2023, Hannover, Germany

Airtightness is mandatory, as are ventilation concepts. Today, the construction/renovation of a building without a ventilation system is impractical in terms of energy efficiency. The minimum air change rate and moisture protection should not be neglected either. According to my experience as an expert in this field, more than 75 %percent of all ventilation systems have significant design faults and maladjustments, leading to significant energy losses. For starters, the controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) system is installed in the wrong location in many buildings and the air flow rate is not properly calibrated. Clients who are against a CMV system often put forward the argument that they are afraid of mold infesting the ducts. Do air ventilation systems really make people sick? Experiences and analyses in the field provide insights into real-life hygienic conditions in CMV systems. Potential errors can be avoided early on by ensuring a proper design of the ventilation concepts / ventilation systems and by enlisting the support of specialists, such as manufacturers and other experts. There are no relevant issues that would make it inadvisable to install a ventilation system in a new building or as part of a renovation.  

The presentation points out typical design errors and execution problems based on the practical experience of an expert in the field. Architects, contractors, and even energy consultants can use this presentation to compile a checklist for their next ventilation system project. 

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