S. Chungloo, B. Limmeechokchai and S. Chungpaibulpatana
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 7, 2001, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, p. 1191-1198

The combinations of parameter effecting optimum energy consumption and good open view for designing side-window of office buildings are proposed. A generic reference building (GRB) is generated by using DOE2.1E, a building energy simulation program, under Thailand’s weather data. The base case of the office building model includes both the typical energy consumption characteristics and the daylight factor (DF) at various room depths. In the daylighting case, integrating the daylight with step dimming devices is considered for energy saving compared with the conventional lighting system. Results of parameterization and combinations on window properties, window-to-wall ratios (WWR), and  external  shadings  give  recommendations  for energy efficient daylighting design.