Chan S W S, Kwan J K C, Neailey K, et al
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USA, Washington DC, Healthy Buildings/IAQ '97, 1997, proceedings of a conference held Bethesda MD, USA, September 27 - October 2, 1997, Volume 1, pp 61-66

This paper reports on the experimental results using a standard room chamber to evaluate the impact of various parameters on indoor radon concentrations. The paper assesses the suitability of using pro-existing mathematical models for the prediction of indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to estimate radon concentrations in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HV AC) environment. A test chamber study was conducted to thoroughly evaluate and validate parameters considered in these models. A modification factor to account for the indoor sinks was determined and was utilised to enhance the accuracy in applicability of the pre-existing models. The results indicates the modified radon prediction model is capable of correlating well with field data and appears to be applicable to other HV AC environments.