Dirk Biedermann, Malte Bengelsdorf, Michael Förster
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12th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 25-26 June 2021

Purpose of the work
What are the benefits of liquid and sprayable seals when it comes to ensuring permanent air tightness of components that are connected on construction sites? What is the cost benefit of spraying compared to adhesive tape that is applied manually?
Method of approach
We captured pictures and data during a renovation project and analyzed the quality of the air barrier.
Content of the contribution
We used the liquid and sprayable air barrier during a renovation project and then carried out empirical analyses of the liquid air seal’s processing costs and quality of the connections. We compared the liquid seal with the manually applied adhesive tape, taking easy and complex connection into account.
Results and assessment of their significance
Using the spray on construction sites has significant cost advantages. Spray has the same quality as the manually applied adhesive tape. The higher the complexity of the connection that has to be made airtight, the greater the cost benefit.
The sprayable air seal is a safe and cost-efficient alternative. It thus makes sense to add this effective method to the classic connections with adhesive tapes.

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