Kephalopoulos S., et al
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EUR 25276 - European Collaborative Action: Urban Air, Indoor Environment and Human Exposure - Environment and Quality of Life

Harmonisation of indoor products labelling schemes in the EU is an important aspect of the European Commission’s policy making process in the field of indoor air quality and associated health effects. This report describes the outcome of recent activities and a roadmap setting out the steps being taken by the ECA preparatory working group 27 led by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre for establishing an EU wide harmonisation framework for labelling schemes which consists of core and transitional criteria for testing and evaluation methodologies. Common core criteria are those for which consensus has already been achieved and can be applied Europe-wide, whereas transitional criteria are those for which consensus is still to be reached and these continue to be applied locally during a transitional period. However, participating labelling schemes should follow the commonly agreed measurement methods for the transitional criteria.