Claussen G.
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EUR 17695 - European Collaborative Action Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Man (formerly Cost Project 613) - Environment and Quality of Life

The amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air, usually called TVOC (Total volatile organic compounds), has been measured using different definitions and techniques which yield different results. This report recommends a definition of TVOC referring to a specified range of VOCs and it proposes a method for the measurement of this TVOC entity. Within the specified range, the measured concentrations of identified VOCs (including 64 target compounds) are summed up, concentrations of non-identified compounds in toluene equivalents are added and, together with the identified VOCs they give the TVOC value.

The report reviews the TVOC concept with respect to its usefulness for exposure assessment and control and for the prediction of health or comfort effects. Although the report concludes that it is today not possible to use NOC as an effect predictor it affirms the usefulness of TVOC for characterizing indoor pollution and for improving source control as required from the points of view of health, comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability.