The Community-COST Concertation Committee.
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European Concerted Action Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Man, Cost Project 613 - Environment and Quality of Life

Information on the projects is contained on formatted sheets three of which are accommodated on each page. The projects of each country are grouped together. An identification number has been attributed to each project composed of the country code as used for automobiles and a number. Numbers are sequential and start from 1. They are attributed arbitrarily and may differ from one edition of the inventory to the next.

The project descriptions (section 5) are preceded by an alphabetic list (section 4) of all keywords occurring in the project descriptions together with the corresponding project identification number(s) and (in parentheses) the number of times the keyword is occurring.

Section 6 contains the project title and the name and address of the principal investigator for projects which were completed more than two years previously or whose description is lacking important information (see introduction section). These projects are also grouped according to their country of origin.