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Distribution effectiveness and impacts on equipment sizing for residential thermal distribution systems

Walker, I.S., Sherman, M.H., Siegel, J.A., 1999
Bibliographic info: LBNL - Indoor Environment Department Publications, LBL
Languages: English

Previous studies (including earlier phases of this research project) have shown that losses from residential thermal distribution systems have significant energy and comfort implications. This study looks at the potential for improvement of thermal distribution systems and the possibility of reducing equipment size as a result. These distribution system and equipment interactions were examined through field testing and computer simulation. In addition, this report outlines our efforts to transfer the results of this research to the marketplace so as to reduce energy losses and improve thermal comfort. This study describes the results of efforts made during the Transitional Phase of this Residential Thermal Distribution Systems research. Results of earlier Phases were described in Walker et al. (1997 and 1998).

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