Mejri, O.; Palomo, E.; Ghrab-Morcos, N.
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27th AIVC and 4th Epic Conference "Technologies & sustainable policies for a radical decrease of the energy consumption in buildings", Lyon, France, 20-22 November 2006

The goal of this study, carried out on a wooden building, is to apply the methodology of identification inorder to obtain the physical parameters which characterize the thermal behaviour of the building. Theidentification of the system is the methodology of modeling the system starting from the experimentaldata. It consists in measuring the inputs/outputs of the system, choosing the structure of the modelrepresenting this system, adjusting the parameters of the model by an algorithm of identification andfinally validating the model.The method developed in this paper can be applied to all types of buildings. We started by analysingthe measured data by using the principal component analysis in order to identify the thermal zones ofthe building and we also used the cumulated spectra of the system inputs ant outputs in order todetermine the need for filtering. Then we estimated the global parameters in static domain; analgorithm for the estimation of the set of parameters was developed, based on the least squaremethod. Finally we estimated the physical parameters of the building in dynamic state.