Macriss R.A. Zawacki T.S. Cole J.T.
Bibliographic info:
Institute of Gas Technology GRI-80/0082 July 1981 79pp. 12 figs. 15 tabs. 10 refs. #DATE 01:07:1981 in English

An air infiltration computer program, developed earlier, has been further refined by the inclusion of the effects of door openings and vent-fan usage in house air infiltration. The model has also been further verified for its accuracy and precision by comparison to actual air infiltration data from both conventional construction dwellings and also from two advance design homes. A program listing and user manual of the computer program have also been developed. A simplified computer program has been developed for the use of themodel to estimate house air infiltration by means of a hand-held programmeable calculator. A rigorous air infiltration load computer program has been developed capable of intergration into existing programs for building energy calculations, such as E-cube, NBS-LD, DOE-2 etc.