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Determination of air infiltration in single family dwellings. Zur bestimmung des infiltrationsaustausches in einfamilienhausern.

Feustel H E., 1985
air infiltration | weather | house | mathematical modelling
Bibliographic info: HLH, 1985, Vol 36, No 3, p136-140, 4 figs, 2 tabs, 32 refs.
Languages: German

Describes a procedure for the approximate determination of air infiltration for a single family house for given weather conditions. To carry out the calculation it is only necessary to measure the permeability of the building envelope using a blower door. The calculation procedure is so straightforward that it can be carried out on a programmable pocket calculator. Refers to a comparative study by the Air Infiltration Centre, which found that the calculation model described gave the best results of any single cell model for all the houses investigated.

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