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Design and performance of roofs.

Probert S.D. Thirst T.J., 1980
attic | condensation | ventilation | roof | vapour barrier
Bibliographic info: Applied Energy vol 6 no 2. March-April 1980 p79-97
Languages: English

Surveys factors influencing roof design with respect to energy conservation. Discusses thermal insulation, condensation, ventilation and insolation. Recommendations to prevent condensation in attics include the introduction of a vapour barrier on the warm side of the ceiling structure; provision of ashield in the roof to prevent the ingress of rain that is permeable to water vapour; ventilation of the roof space to the outside air; and either blowing dry air into the roof space or sucking into the house air from the attic and expelling high humidity air intermittently from the house, or both.

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