Eriksson B. Johansson L. Svedung I. Werner J.
Bibliographic info:
Swedish Water and Air Pollution Institute, Fryksta report B no. 512 1979. #DATE 01:01:1979 in Swedish #AIC 274.

Reports study to investigate the possibilities of purifying air from formaldehyde by using a filter that brings the air into contact with an adsorbent substance. Finds that the type of adsorbent substance that works satisfactorily is that which involves adsorption in combination with the oxidation breakdown of adsorbent substances. Compares costs for residential premises between a) an increase in ventilation and the use of a heat exchanger and b) the type of air purification and recirculation describes above. Finds installation costs were similar and operating costs depend primarily on the cost and length of life of the adsorbent in the second case.< Suggests use of adsorbent substance with particle separator to eliminate the majority of gaseous pollutants in air.