Bornehag C.G., Sundell J., Sigsgaard T.
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air 2004, Vol 14 (suppl 7), pp 59-66, 30 Ref.

The aim of this paper is to identify the link between indoor environmental factors and asthma or allergic symptoms among small children and their parents. That four-phases Swedish study will be lasting from 2000 until 2008 : First step : an epidemiological cross-sectional questionnaire on housing and health involving 14,077 preschool children (2000).Second step : a nested case-control study including 198 children with symptoms and 202 healthy controls. (2001-2002).Third step : a 5 year follow-up during 2005 with 10,852 children/parents who answered to the first questionnaire.Last step : controlled experimental studies in climate chambers and in vitro tests are planned for 2004-2008