Barthez M. Soupault O.
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Energy Savings in Buildings Proc.CEC International Seminar The Hague Netherlands 14-16 Nov.1983 p.490-494 2 figs. #DATE 14:11:1983 in English

Examines CO2-controlled ventilation for a variety of buildings. A theoretical study shows that the modification of the ventilation rate which can be obtained by the control of a 2 speed fan or by variation chimney cross-section enables the ventilation rate to be independent of external conditions (wind, temperature) and to produce annual energy savings of the order of 1500-2000 KWhr for a 100m2 house. Conducts an experimental study to measure the change in CO2 and H2O content in a dwelling and to examine the possibility of using one of these two parameters to control a mechanical or natural ventilation system. Concludes that the CO2 content is a suitable parameter for ventilation control, and that experimental results agree with theoretical calculations.