Jreijiry, D.; Husaunndee, A.; Inard, C.; Villenave, J. G.
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8th IBPSA International conference and exhibition on building simulation- Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - August 11-14 - 2003 - Session 1A4 - Extensions -

There is a growing need for more complex control of ventilation systems to satisfy energy and environmental issues. SIMBAD Toolbox (SIMulator of Buildings And Devices), developed in the SIMULINK graphical environment is a library of HVAC components models that is used in the field of
control of HVAC system. Currently, it deals mainly with heating/cooling systems. Prior modelling of airflow components in SIMBAD Toolbox is therefore necessary to extend the capabilities of the toolbox. This paper presents the integration of airflow modelling in the SIMULINK graphical environment and the coupling with a thermal zone model to quantify the impact of natural
ventilation and mechanical ventilation techniques. The paper gives a description of the library of airflow components that have been added in the toolbox.