Niemela R. Toppila C.
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Proc.CIB Workshop on indoor air quality and energy conservation Helsinki June 1983 ESPOO Report B3 p.VII.1-VII.3 2 figs. #DATE 01:06:1984 in English AIC bk,

Briefly deals with Finnish research into formaldehyde concentrations in modern dwellings. Describes materials and methods used by the Institute of Occupational Health in Finland to measure formaldehyde concentrations in more than 100 dwellings. Ventilation rates have also been measured in 35 rooms in 20 dwellings, and 46% have been below the minimum acceptable value of 0.5 ach.Where the ventilation rate exceeded 0.5 ach only 9% of the measured HCHO concentrations exceeded the limit value for old houses.