Clements Croome D J, Jukes J
Bibliographic info:
Finland, SIY Indoor Air Information Oy, 2000, proceedings of "Healthy Buildings 2000", held 6-10 August 2000, Espoo, Finland, paper 105.

This paper describes research on the extremely low frequency (ELF) end of the electromagnetic spectrum from VDUs, because this is very close to the frequencies of the brain when it is concentrating. Our most recent experiments involve the use of an alpha oscillator which when stimulated with magnetic radiation from VDU's emits frequencies which peak around 12 Hz. The oscillator neutralises ELF emissions from the VDU by resonance thus acting like a tuning fork. A recent experiment carried out at a Health Authority office building involved 100 people who were given either active or dummy devices over a period of two months. It was a double blind crossover experiment because neither of the occupants of the building nor the researchers knew which devices were active and which ones were dummies until the end of the experiment. Each subject then answered 19 questions concerned with building sickness syndrome and ergonomic factors. Everyone answered the questionnaire three times, once at the beginning, once after the first experiment and once after the second experiment, having swapped over the activity and dummy devices. The statistical analysis of the results showed that there was a highly significant effect in the reduction of building sickness symptoms by a third when using the alpha oscillator, thus leaving scope for a further reduction of nearly 70% due to other factors than radiation.