Alamdari F, Hammond G P, Mohammad W S
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the use of computers for environmental engineering related to buildings, Bath, 7-9 July 1986, CIBSE 1986, p191-205, 4 figs, 4 tabs, 32 refs.

In order to obtain means for determining realistic convective heat transfer coefficients, a hierarchy of interacting and interdependent calculation methods have been developed by the authors. Both higher and lower level models have been used to develop and verify an 'intermediate level' computer code, which formed the basis for generating input convective heat transfer data for dynamic building models. The contribution considers the computation of convective heat exchange within three-dimensional, rectangular enclosures when buoyancy effects are significant. It attempts to evaluate the circumstances under which it is appropriate to employ the various calculation methods.