Hill D
Bibliographic info:
Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Research Highlights Factsheet 00-140, 6 pp.

The Conservation Co-op is a four storey 84 unit residential building in Ottawa, Canada, which when built (1995) embodied as many environmentally sound concepts and technologies as possible within the confines of an extremely tight budget. The objective of the development team was to provide affordable housing with minimal environmental impact, enhanced durability and superior occupant health and comfort. After five year of occupancy, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation initiated a review of the performance of the buildings. The research report contains a summary of the findings of the individual research projects conducted over the first five years of the Co-op. The project assessed the annual energy and water consumption, embodied energy and water reuse system and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the innovative, green technologies employed in the building. The building was very successful, however, areas where the original intentions of the development team were not realised or where unforeseen problems later developed, include building energy use, indoor comfort onditions, the grey-water reclamation project, apartment space and domestic hot water heating systems and some of the 'green' building products. The research report summary examines each subject with the benefit of five years of operational history.