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Comparison of tracer-gas methods for measuring air flows in two-zone buildings.

Heidt F D, Rabenstein R, Schepers G, 1990
air flow | tracer gas measurements
Bibliographic info: 11th AIVC Conference "Ventilation system performance" Belgirate, Italy, 18-21 September 1990
Languages: English

This paper discusses three methods for measuring interzonal air movements in two zone buildings: 1. initial injection of one tracer into a single room, 2. repeated injection of one tracer in two rooms, 3. initial injection of two tracers in two rooms. The description of these methods includes an outline of the theoretical background, the presentation of suitable injection strategies and algorithms for the evaluation of the concentration profiles. A detailed error analysis using Monte-Carlo-Simulation shows the accuracy of these methods for a variety of cases, such as different magnitudes of the interzonalair flows and various measurement durations. The numerical results agree with tracer gas measurements conducted at a laboratory-scale physical model with two chambers.

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