François Tondeur, Antoine Kies, André Robinet, Huichao Zhu
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Radon in the Living Environment, 1999, Athens, Greece

The use of two mapping methods, kriging and moving average, in mapping the indoor radon risk, isinvestigated. Both methods are applied to three databases: simulated radon data, data collected inSouthern Belgium with low sampling density, and data collected in Luxembourg. We use commercialsoftware (SURFERR 6) for kriging, as well as softwares developed by the authors, especially for the radoncase, for kriging and for moving average. Simulated data prove to be very useful in this context. Weconclude that kriging as implemented in SURFERR 6 may not be well adapted to radon mapping. It seemseasier to obtain reasonable maps with the moving average, though it may be difficult to find the goodcompromise between showing only significant features, and showing all of them.