Karimpanah T, Sandberg M, Awbi H B
Bibliographic info:
UK, Oxford, Elsevier, 2000, proceedings of Roomvent 2000, "Air Distribution in Rooms: Ventilation for Health and Sustainable Environment", held 9-12 July 2000, Reading, UK, Volume 2, pp 1013-1018

This study involves comprehensive experimental measurements and CFD simulations in a mockup of a full-size classroom with realistic loads. Four different air distribution systems have been tested:

  • Mixing ventilation produced from a high velocity ceiling supply device
  • Bag-supply (textile) device located in the ceiling
  • Displacement ventilation using a standard low velocity air supply device
  • A down-to-floor impinging jet air supply device.

The measured wall temperatures have been used as boundary conditions for the CFD simulations. Predicted and measured quantities are: air velocity, air temperature, ventilation effectiveness and local mean age of air. The down-to- floor impinging jet was also tested in a field trial.