Viktor Dorer, Anne Haas, Werner Keilholz, Roger Pelletret, Andreas Weber
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 7, 2001, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, p. 403-410

COMIS simulates multizone airflow and pollutant transport. It has been developed in an international context at LBNL and within IEA Annex 23. At the end of Annex 23, EMPA took over the coordination of further developments, and – together with CSTB – the maintenance of COMIS. In January 2001, the "COMIS v3.1 with IISiBat v2.4" package was released, and is available now from CSTB. In this paper, the main features of the COMIS simulation engine, and the latest improvements are presented. An example demonstrates the use of COMIS. Pollutant transport and impact evaluation with the new version are discussed. The coupling of COMIS with the thermal simulation program TRNSYS is discussed