Xiaohang Feng, Da Yan, Chuang Wang
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Building Simulation, 2015, Hyderabad, India

Occupant behavior is a major contributing factor to building energy consumption. Many models have been developed to simulate occupant behavior including occupancy and operations to get better agreement between simulation and measurement in literature, but often fail to present the typicality of occupant behavior patterns. This paper proposes a method to classify occupant behavior patterns into typical ones by simulation, as well as concludes several typical patterns regarding air-conditioning use as an example. These typical patterns are expected to be used in the building energy evaluation with occupant behavior taken into account. The classification is based upon both modelling from measurement, and also a questionnaire survey, which is an effective way to get large sample data. Further efforts are to be made in the validation of the method and the conclusion, as well as the classfication of other behaviors.