Yoshihiko Akamine, Takashi Kurabuchi, Masaaki Ohba, Tomoyuki Endo , Motoyasu Kamata
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RoomVent 2004, 9th international conference in University of Coimbra - Portugal, 5-8th september 2004, pp 4, 11 Fig., 3 Tab., 4 Ref.

We performed numerical simulation of the inflow characteristics at an opening by using LES,the standard k- emodel, and the improved k- emodel that was applied Durbins limitation (hereafter, it is described as Durbins k- emodel in this paper). As a result of this simulation, Durbins k- emodelreproduced the experiment result fairly well as in case of LES. Accordingly, by using Durbins k- emodel, the analysis was carried out on the air flow characteristics at some openings. As a result, the static pressure increase was induced by the collision of the air flow with the leeward opening frame. This static pressure increase caused decrease of discharge coefficient.