Joachim Zeller
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4th International Symposium on Building and Ductwork Air Tightness - BUILDAIR (former European Blower Door Symposium), 1-2 October 2009, Berlin, Germany

There are currently at least 6 national and European standards in Germany, which describe the assessment of infiltration- and exfiltration-volume flows subject to building air tightness. The results of window ventilation and balanced ventilation systems are identical for some standards; they partly distinguish themselves in height. The dependence on building leakage in buildings with a surplus of inlet or outlet air, e.g. of exhaust fans, has a principally different process for some algorithms than for other algorithms. Overall, the results seem reasonable according to the withdrawn EN 832. To examine the level of infiltration subject to different building parameters, there are further, more elaborate calculations necessary. At revising the respective standard, advice should be included, like, if necessary, how existing external wall air leakages are to be respected. Default values for building leakage in respect of the envelope area (q50 in accordance with EN 13829), should not be referred to the volume (n50).