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Building sickness, are symptoms related to the office lighting?

Robertson A S, McInnes M, Glass D, Dalton G, Burge P S, 1989
health | office work | sick building syndrome
Bibliographic info: Annals of Occupatioanl Hygiene, Vol 33, No 1, 1989, pp 47-59, 7 figs, 4 tabs, refs.
Languages: English

Describes the results of a questionnaire to find out if office lighting could be a factor in the production of sick building syndrome. There was found to be a significantly higher prevalence of work-related headache and work-related lethargy in the air conditioned building than in the naturally ventilated one studied. There was also less daylight and lower mean luminance in this building. Suggests there is a need to maximise the use of natural light from untinted windows, to reduce the impingement of fluorescent tubes on the line of sight and to return the control of levels of lighting to each individual.

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